SecuX V20

Current Price: $139
The SecuX V20 is one of SecuX’s most popular hardware wallets. The gadget includes a big color touch screen display and a battery for offline/disconnected operation and connects to the host by USB or Bluetooth. It boasts a CC EAL5+ certified secure element chip from Infineon. The SecuX V20 can go totally wireless, thanks to its low-energy Bluetooth connection, which is built on AES-256 technology for optimum data protection. This gadget is safe to use on mobile phones.
You can also use the SecuX V20 as an online wallet. It comes with a USB data cable for this purpose. The wallet is cross-platform compatible, meaning it can be used on a desktop PC, laptop, iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone, tablet, or Chromebook.
The SecuX V20 wallet has a 6000mAH battery that lasts for about seven hours and can be fully recharged in under two hours. The QR code functionality in the SecuX V20 wallet allows for simple fund transfers and transactions from your mobile wallet. The SecuX V20 has a 2.8-inch touchscreen on which crypto users can manage their transactions in real-time. The device has a sleek diamond-shaped design with a brushed metal backside and rubber cushioning that makes it durable.